our Support

HUMX’s product support is done using a unique program called D2D (DOOR TO DOOR).
Here is a brief outline of how D2D works:
Step 1- Customer has a service issue either technical or usage.

Step 2-Customer calls our support line 1800 425 1818, where our staff will see if they can trouble shoot the issue if the issue is arising because of customer not operating the product properly.

Step 3-If our staff figures out there is a technical issue to be physically fixed we advice the customer that a courier service will pick up the product from his door step and send it to us and we shall fix it and send it back to him.

Step 4-Our staff also advices the customer that the courier company will give him atracking # and will provide him with service order # by which he can track the progress.

Step 5-Once our engineers have fixed the problem , we send the product back through the courier company to customers door step.

HUMX’s support makes sure that our customer gets the help he /she needs at his/her own home. We are very proud to offer such a service to our customers, we have got great reviews and positive feedback in the areas we have implemented D2D so far.